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Workers deboned feet with teeth
A Chinese factory was shut down after its workers were caught using their teeth to debone chicken feet before packing the meat for sale to food outlets. Health officials of the southwestern Chinese city of Chengdu railed the food processing plant, and caught two women gnawing at chicken claws. Beside them was a basketful of chewed-off bones. The workers pried open the skin with their fingers and used their teeth to take out the bones. REUTERS.

Snack attack
A US Woman is suing a snack food company for $50-million (R560-million) saying incorrect information on the label of its corn and rice puffs had ruined her diet. Meredith Berkman, 37, claims she suffered "emotional distress" because the snacks contained three times more fat than its label advertised. Sapa-AP report that Pirate's Booty was recalled in January after the Good Housekeeping Institute found it contained 147 calories and 8.5 grams of fat, while its label said that it contained only 120 calories and 2.5 grams of fat. REUTERS.

There is less to a pie than meats the eye
Sydney - researchers have peeled back the pastry to unravel a great Australian mystery: What is the meat in one of the nation's favourite snacks - pie? It is widely believed to be filled with beef in thick brown gravy, the Australian Consumer's Association found some pies contained buffalo and even camel. Sometime the meaty bits aren't meat at all. Textured vegetable protein is used to bolster the filling. The survey of 20 types of frozen pies bought in supermarkets was published in the Association's Choice magazine. The survey also found that each pie contained up to about 39g of fat; which squashed together would be about the size of a golf ball. SAPA-AP


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