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Activities of Centurion Municipal Council 

The Centurion local authority has initiated on a small scale a good coordination mechanism by bringing together most of the players including representatives from local vendors groups.

A set of draft by laws (attached at Annex I) have also been developed.  The steps initiated are as follows: - 

Step I :                    Formed a coordination committee 

Consisting of following members:  -

        Representative from Environmental Health (EHO)

        Representative from Traffic Dept

        Representative from Town Planning

        Representative from Engineering Dept

        Representative from Security

        Representative from Hawkers of  the area (as needed)

Step II :                    Formed by-laws for street food vending

                   Step III:            Decided on taking up a few selected areas to be

developed at street food centres  (depending on the

customer services)

                    Eg: - The Station road junction

- Training was however imparted to all street food vendors through use of posters, cassettes, pamphlets etc:


Step IV :                    Operationalised a regular system of issuing identity

cards and granting permission against payment of fees to vend at selected/permitted spots of the city by the traffic department.

               The various actions being undertaken are:

        Inspection of kiosks by EHO for recommending the application and issue of the certificate of acceptability (regulation 918)

        Liscence issued by the Traffic Dept at a fee of 100 Rand.

        Monthly payment of rent by vendors using street food centres viz 150 Rand for parking of kiosks on 75 Rand for stalls, per month  

Step V :        Supported specific areas to develop                                   as street food centres and provided with shelters, water sources, latrines, tables, chairs etc.  




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